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Sun, Nov 27, 2016
Passage: Psalm 117:1-2
Duration: 28 mins
Key Concept: God is always true to His promises and His nature.
Sun, Nov 20, 2016
Duration: 29 mins
Key Concept: Because of God's compassion for us he is slow to anger.
Sun, Nov 13, 2016
Passage: Mark 6:30-44
Duration: 32 mins
Key Concept: Raising Orphans to Life in Christ.
Sun, Nov 06, 2016
Duration: 28 mins
Key Concept: "We are always one decision away from ruining our lives."
Sun, Oct 30, 2016
Passage: Psalm 145:1-3
Duration: 28 mins
Key Concept: God has no limitations whatsoever.
Sun, Oct 23, 2016
Passage: Mark 10:46-52
Duration: 28 mins
Key Concept: Call out to Jesus and you can overcome your circumstances!
Sun, Oct 16, 2016
Passage: John 11:1-44
Duration: 35 mins
Key Concept: Let difficulty move you God-ward!
Sun, Oct 09, 2016
Duration: 36 mins
Key Concept: “You May never learn that Jesus is all you need, until Jesus is all you've got.” - Corrie Ten Boom
Sun, Oct 02, 2016
Key Concept: Jesus knows just what you need.
Sun, Sep 25, 2016
Key Concept: Faith is risky!