Serving and Evangelism

Global Focus

Missions work is deeply ingrained in much of what we do at Quail. From half-day community projects to decades-long missions in some of the most remote areas of the world, we strive to build passionate, lifelong followers of Jesus Christ among the unreached.


GO Projects

At Quail, we know that people who Go Grow. Go Projects come in all shapes and sizes ranging from large scale church overhauls, to things as simple as assembling bags to distribute to the homeless in our community. Go Projects are opportunities for us to grow through serving others, while at the same time being a blessing to our community.


If you don’t like the spotlight and prefer to labor anonymously “behind the curtain”, Quail’s M&TA team can be a great place to serve the Lord and our Church body. Stealth, low-profile, no attention. Let’s be honest: Some of us just like to serve that way!


The Outreach Ministry of Quail exists to fulfill the mission of embracing our community and reflecting the love Jesus has for Stockton, California. We do this by planning and executing events that are designed with the goal of winning new believers and witnessing a Christian lifestyle to those in our community of influence.

Serving & Divine Design

You are uniquely called and gifted by God. You can discover how He has designed you so that you can joyfully fulfill His purposes for your life through serving. The Divine Design workshop is one of the avenues allowing you to Find Your Fit for serving at Quail.


Worship Support

Every week, there are dozens of people who serve those who come on campus in low profile and crucial ways. They make it possible for worship and Bible classes to happen each and every Sunday. And they do it all with love and joy so every person who comes through the doors can have a meaningful experience worshipping our great God.



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Mailing Address

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